A Journey of Milestones

When one 2-year old boy began in Early Intervention Services at Hays Area Children's Center, he only used a bear crawl to get around, was fed soft foods by his mother, and would only use some play when sitting in his mother's lap.  After seven months of early intervention services, he has progressed to walking on his own, can hold a rail and go up and down steps and sometimes may even let go of the rail.  He can jump with two feet, feed himself with spoon and fork, and drink from cup without a lid.  This young boy also now recognizes pictures of family members, uses sign language to communicate and is starting to make sounds with voice inflection.  Most recently, he has started to work on beginning toileting skills.

Other skills that he has developed while being in Early Intervention Services include starting to share and play with siblings and using his fingers plus saying "spider" during the nursery rhyme "Itsy Bitsy Spider".  His parents are so happy that he can now sit with them in church as well as sit quietly with the family during mealtime when they pray.  

This young boy turned three this Spring and transitioned into an Early Childhood Classroom at Washington last month.  His parents felt that his start in early intervention services prepared him for this transition and for helping him reach his highest potential thus far.