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Meet Homer Edwards

After many years of employment, and then eventually retirement, Homer found himself, like many others who retire, wanting to get back to work. Homer had a true passion for getting up every morning and going to work. He also liked making money. Through DSNWK's Job Placement Follow-along Program was able to work with Homer, find out what kind of work he wanted to do and then match his desires with the need of a local employer. After a short time, DSNWK staff were able to locate a steady job for Homer in Hays.
More change came into Homer's life as he got married and purchased a home in Ellis. Due to his inability to travel to Hays to work, Homer was forced to quit his job. He wanted to find a steady job that he could walk to in Ellis. DSNWK's staff went back to work and located a job for Homer at Trio Home Center. The new job turned out to be a perfect match for both Homer and his new employer. Homer spends his mornings at the lumber company doing a wide variety of cleaning tasks, unloading trucks, filling customer requests and even doing some light duty delivery.

Trio Home Center owner, Dave McDaniel, has been impressed with the work ethic that Homer brings each morning. "Homer is a great asset to our business. He's not afraid to tackle anything and gets along very well with everyone. DSNWK's Job Placement Follow-along program really has worked well for us."